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Maple (Acer sp.)

Laney Shale Member, Green River Formation, Eocene

Blue Forest, Wyoming

** An outstanding slab with a stunning leaching pattern. There is a variety of blue and gray-blue agate filling the cavities along some of the desiccation cracks of this piece.  And please click on photomicrographs for a closer view of the really straight grained woody fine anatomy in this great piece.  Fantastic!

5.5” x 5” on polished face, 3/8” thick slab   $47

Conifer (Pinales Order)

Miocene, Trout Creek Formation

McDermitt, Nevada/Oregon

** Here we have a rather unique conifer root specimen from the always surprising McDermitt diggings. While it does not have great woody fine structure it does have fantastic gross morphology with all of those encircling rootlets around the larger root. It is very likely that the main root and the tiny rootlets are from different plants but frankly, without good microscopic preservation, there is no way to be certain. Nevertheless, it is a really interesting piece. It is not cut or polished since nothing would be gained by cutting off an end (a procedure which would result in a shorter specimen with fewer encircling rootlets). We generally identify the diggings as McDermitt, Nevada, which is both the closest inhabited place as well as the access point to the dirt roads leading to the diggings. However, the extensive diggings are just across the border in Oregon (Malheur County), but it takes a GPS to find that out. There are no signs on the dirt roads announcing "Entering Oregon."

1” diameter; limb section 2.5” long $25

A special note to our collector friends:

An important auction will take place on April 29 in Dallas, Texas – and it will include the petrified wood collection of the late Lewis Goodman.

 Lewis was a very good friend of ours and he had a spectacular collection.  His criteria included “outrageous color and pattern” and “perfect unflawed specimens.”    

You can see many of the pieces on the following Heritage Auctions website:

http://// 791+792+1893+1577+2088+49

We plan to be watching and encourage all of you to do the same.